BB vs KK

The Back Beats vs. The Kript Kickers

FRONT-BACK: Allan Mason, Drums; Larry Davis, Rhythm; Lee Norman, Lead; Bob Orsell, Bass


It is with a heavy heart we report the passing of Vernon Lee Norman 1940-2021. Lee played lead guitar and vocals in the Backbeats.


It is with a heavy heart we report the passing of Timothy Yaquinto 1949-2019. Tim played rhythm guitar and vocals in the Kript Kickers.


It is with a heavy heart we report the passing of Larry Davis 1946-2017 Larry played rhythm guitar and vocals in the Back Beats.


It is with a heavy heart we report the passing of Paul St. Pierre 1947-2015
The audio clip below was aired on WBZT iHeart Media on November 28, 2015. It was Allan Mason's last radio show for the Reach Radio franchise, and was dedicated to Paul St. Pierre.

Kript Kickers

LEFT-RIGHT: Allan Mason, Drums; George Christensen, Keyboard; Jimmy Smith, Lead; Bob Orsell, Bass; Tim Yaquinto, Rhythm<

The Kript Kickers reformed when Dave Bonavitch, a really great jazz drummer decided to leave the group. Since they were all friends the Kickere’s convinced Allan Mason, drummer in the Backbeats to join the group. This happen in 1966, and expanded the groups rock and roll range. According to Tim Yaquinto, “a rock group needs a solid rock drummer.”

One More Thing

When my Granddaughter was eight years old (2003) she was introduced to the Beatles.This is the song she loved the most. When she discovered it was my group… She fell in love with the Beatles forever. Nothing wrong with that. She never knew I sang the wrong words in the song. All I Gotta Do, by the Backbeats. Lee Norman, Lead; Larry Davis Rhythm; Paul St. Pierre, Bass and George Christensen on Keyboard; Allan Mason Drums and Vocal. Recorded in 1982.

Keep on loving the Beatles.

South Florida Rock Bands

It’s all Rock’n Roll to me. If you were in South Florida during the 60’s you’ve heard the Backbeats and the Kript Kickers. Two prominent rock groups that dominated the club scene, appeared at places including the War Memorial Auditorium, Code 1, PAL, Winterhurst, the Deauville Resort, the Eden Rock, Castaways, Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Tigers Den, and heard on WQAM and WFUN radio. The Backbeats were voted Band of the Year in 1965 and went on to tour the nightclub circuit around the country. Advertisement

The Backbeats
1962Lee NormanLead GuitarBackBeats197212-7-2021
1962Bob OrsellBass GuitarBackBeats1964
1962Larry DavisRhythm GuitarBackBeats197210-27-2017
1962Allan MasonDrumsBackBeats1966
1963Paul St. PierreBass GuitarBackBeats19728-27-2015
1966Dennis PotocarDrumsBackBeats1966
Kript Kickers
1964Jimmy SmithLead GuitarKript Lickers19866-10-1996
1964Tim YaquintoRhythm GuitarKript Kickers19862-17-2019
1964Bob OrsellBass GuitarKript Kickers1986
1964George ChristensenKeyboardKript Kickers1986
1964Dave BonavitchDrumsKript Kickers1966
1966Allan MasonDrumsKript Kickers1986

Side Note: In 1966 The BackBeats auditioned for a gig at the 4 O’clock Club in Miami Beach. Union contracts were signed. The group changed drummers but went on to play the gig anyway. The second night the club owner wasn’t happy with the different sound, and asked for each band members identification. Where’s Allan Mason? It’s his name on the contract. They were released from the contract for obvious reasons. Dennis Potocar was an excellent drummer for the MoJo Men, but the Backbeats had a chemistry that could not be changed. The group broke up, and reformed a year later with a new drummer.