Rock’N Blues Hour

Way back in 1992, PBSproducer Mason was trying to recreate the club scene from the 60’s and wound up with a pilot for the Rock’N Blues Hour. Some great groups participated in the production, and the Back Ally Lounge isn’t around anymore… Sad. During the 60’s the night club experience generated the Go-Go Girl theme, free drinks for the Ladies and no one under 21 was admitted. Underage musicians had to retire to the break room when not on stage. According to Mason, “Trying to recreate the 60’s club scene was a challenge, I failed… But I like what remains better.”

Production Crew

Executive Producer: Allan Mason
Producer: Paul St. Pierre
Host: Mike Cotton and Hutch
Director: Allan Mason
Cameras: Jon Abrams
Joe “Gully” Genender
Matt “Vinman” Hoffman
Audio Engineer: Michael Grosso
Lighting Crew: Tod Olivieri
Eddie Snyder

Additional Crew

Transportation: David Reale
Makeup: Christy Colangelo
Suzanne “Q” Pearce
Camera Assistants: Lamby Brescia
Mike Colangelo
Audio Assistants: C. Scott Tennent
Joel Leininger II
Best Boy Matt Cotton
Equipment Dave Horton
Dave Backel
Miami Video Equipment,
Hollywood, Florida

Dave Camp Band

Keyboard: Dave Camp
Drums: Jimmy “B” Beumer
Bass: Rupert Zuwinski
Sax: Stan Waldman

Jeff Prine Band

Guitar, Vocals: Jeff Prine
Organ: Bob Freeman
Keyboard, Vocals: John Russ
Drumer: Jack Ciano
Bass: Jim Harrison

Joey Gilmore TCB Express

Guitar, Vocals: Joey Gilmore
Vocalist: Betty Padgtett
Keys, Sax: Jack “Houston” Gilbert
Bass: Wardell “hop” Johnson
Bass: Anthony Wardell Turner