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From Dave @ x22report 2023-DEC 04
[DS] Desperate, Biden In Trouble, Moves & Countermoves, Red October [Cyber Attack Attempts] The [DS] is desperate, Biden is in trouble, the evidence is overwhelming and the WH press sec won't answer questions. The pressure is now on to either step down or be removed. The [DS] will eventually bring in Biden's replacement and the will realize they can't win so they will need to postpone the election. They have already started the narrative of a cyber attack. Trump and the patriots are counting on it.
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From Rush 2006 @ PBSproducer.com
Rest In Peace Rush. You are still the man.

Rock'N Blues Hour

Way back in 1992, PBSproducer Mason was trying to recreate the club scene from the 60's and wound up with a pilot for the Rock'N Blues Hour, Some great groups participated in the production, and the Back Ally isn't around anymore... Sad.

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The Liberty Hour 2004

PBSproducer Allan Mason produced this special show with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Browne. The Host was played by Japheth Gordon, Uncle Sam played by Jeffery Bower, and written by Mason and Browne. This skit reveals the abuses of a tyrannical government from Uncles Sam's perspective."

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South Florida Today

Here's a few stories from the personal archive of SFT's Senior Producer Allan Mason.
• Havana Cuba;
• Thailand;
• Haiti;
• Carrera Italy;
• Granada, and
• West Palm Beach

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A Song for Autism

PBS Producer Allan Mason and Malloy Records put together this music video depicting the plight of Autistic children. Mark Leland, interviewed by PBSproducer Mason made this video a standard for Autism awareness.

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Backbeats-Kript Kickers

It's all Rock'n Roll to me. If you were in South Florida during the 60's you've heard the Backbeats and the Kript Kickers. Two prominent rock groups that dominated the club scene, appeared at places including the War Memorial Auditorium, Code 1, PAL, and heard on WQAM and WFUN.

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Got Questions?

Can an orphan eat in a Family Restaurant? Dateline Miami... Police are on the lookout for someone who abandoned nine kittens on the side of the road. Police say when found, they will be charged with Littering. If an electricians kid gets in trouble, will they ground him? A new study finds pessimistic men die early... Damin it, I knew it!

Thanks Bob Zany

Free Robes Wallet

If you are involved in an auto accident, the Robes Wallet is just what you need. Listen to this radio skit about what to do if you have an unfortunate experience. Performed by PBSproducer Allan Mason and Rick Snyder. Call and get your free wallet from the Robes Law Group today.

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Mason's in the Civil War

North vs. South? How did the Free Masons make a difference in the Civil War? Worshipful Bill Comer covers the statistics from a Free Mason's Point of View, combined with some great war stories. Comer is a Civil War actor performing in authentic 1861 Civil War regalia.

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PBSproducer Below the Fold
9 Out of 10 People Enjoy Gang Rape
Seems as if up is down and wrong is right. This behavior occurs when the civil and moral foundations get skewed. I would ask, "What changed the moral compass? The best answer is nothing. Because we don't pay attention to the compass anymore. It may have been the 60's free love movement. Possibly the drug culture of the 70's, or Disco in the 80's. Who knows? But you can rest assure music shaped the change. The 40's had Frank Sinatra looking for a girl; the 50's Elvis wanted the girl to wear his ring around her neck; in the 60's the Beatles wanted to hold a girls hand; the 70's encouraged us to get high; the 80's Disco? It was the 90's that wanted to slap that bi'acth, hump da ho; and kill cops. Radio conciliated to one DJ for 1,800 stations, so there went personalized music... So what's left? No more religion, morals or civility. Check out Superman ►►►
It's Superman
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What Gives You the Right?
We have lost our sovereignty and don't even know it. In a supreme court decision Lancing vs. Smith 1929 the court reviled that we are all Kings... Kings without subjects. What good is it to be a king if you don't have anyone to rule over? Hello! You rule over yourself, because no one has the right to do so. Until 1978 in Florida, speed limits were suggested. That's right... Suggested! Because the state didn't have the right to tell a King what speed he or she traveled. Thanks to the FOP who lobbied the state the law was changed. But did they actually have the right to do so? Remember when tickets were issued for 46 in a 45? That's because the speed was mandated to a specific number. People complained and they relaxed the law. In my opinion, they need to reverse the law. One King doesn't have the right to mandate to another. Check out the Planes ►►►
It's a Plane
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White People are Evil?
Let's see how evil, shall we? Who invented the telephone? White guy. Who invented the phonograph? White guy. Who invented motion pictures? White guy. Who invented the television? White guy. Who invented open heart surgery? White guy. Who invented the cell phone? White guy. Who invented the Atomic Bomb? White guy. Who invented Peanut Butter? It was the white guy who got to the patent office first. I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. Without the white man, where the heck would we be? Oh yeah... Who freed the slaves? White guy. In reality, could someone show me a person who hates white people, (not your friends), or for that much show me anyone who hates. In a country where charity is massively abundant, how does hate fit in? Check out the Trains ►►►
It's a Train
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What if they are Right?
Have you ever heard of the Cloward and Piven strategy?What about the 16 year plan to compromise America, and turn it into a Communist State? Obama had the first eight years, and Hillary was to complete the plan by releasing a virus in her second term, locking down everything for 13 years. Trump interrupted that, so the virus came early. Have you ever read the Communist Manifesto? We're 90% there right now. Not that it can't happen here... it already has! The free stuff got to you. So easy. If it's free give me three! Tax the rich sounds pretty good huh? Tax the corporations might work? Problem with that is the corporations pass that tax hike on to you, the consumer. And the rich have the best accountants. My favorite low voice reporter headline... "America has finally fallen, and white slavery is the new law... Next in sports, the Dolphins are having a great year! So stay tuned."
It's a SiFi Movie
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What Happen to the Doobie Brothers?
What a Fool Believes was a great hit, and a most popular Yacht Rock Radio tune. But what are they doing now. Most likely enjoying the fruits of their 1970's labor.
It Keeps You Running, if you Listen To The Music, and it doesn't matter What A Fool Believes. China Grove, gives you a Free Ride, So if you're Rocking Down The Highway, don't drink the Black Water, or it will be a Long Train Running... Check out the VolksWagen ►►►
It's a VolksWagen
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