Mattingly and Mason

Ted Turner Interview

Bobby Mason-Don Mattingly

Ft. Lauderdale 1992: Actually Bobby was looking for a way to get out of school so he could attend the pre-season games. Little did he know he would star in his own show. Total Sports for Kids aired on our local Fox station, and instantly became a hit. During an interview with Ted Turner, as reported in the Miami Herald, Turner told Mason to come to CNN when he gets a little older. By the time Bobby was older he wasn’t interested in television. He did work with the Hooters Cup Racing series for a few shows, and eventually went into a different business. Good Luck Bobby.

1992-02-00 Bob - Jeff Tolberg-mgr_mets
1992-02-00 Bob -Marcus Grissom wpb_fl
1992-02-16 Bobby with Microphone
1992-02-23 Bobby interview Grissom-Mets
1992-02-23 Bobby- interview NY Mets
1992-02-24 Bob interview jim abbott
1992-02-24 Bobby- 3 NYMets
1992-02-24 Bobby -Marcus Grisom-Expos
1992-3-15 Bob spring_training wpb_fl
1992-3-15 Bob -Ted and Jane Fonda Turner
1992-02-16 Bobby with Microphone-sm
1992-08-00 Bobby-PeteRose Interview-sm
1992-03-00-Canadaian News2-Bobby-BRIGHTER
1993-04-00 Bob -Maryland McCuary
1995-06-00 Bob -Nevin Jinken-BRIGHT
2006-03-18 Bob - Morgan Lucas - BRIGHT
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