Mason Family

It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of Dale Watkinson in 2021. He left behind his older brother James Watkinson. So sad to hear this news.

The Seven Sullivan’s

Strange Story

Strange thing about the Seven Sullivan’s. December 25th is when they die? Could be. Margaret Lowe Sullivan, (Mother) passed on Christmas Day at 8:30PM. So did Mildred, her daughter, at 8:30PM on December 25th. Margaret Mason dies two days before Christmas in 1996. We kept that information to ourselves not wanting to ruin the Holiday for the rest of the family. Strange thing happen at 10:00PM on Christmas night, we received a call from our cousin informing us Mildred had passed. When we explained Margaret had passed, our cousin surprisingly said… “That explains it. My mom kept asking what Margaret is doing here.” Coming to get her we guess.

Better known as “Moon”

1972-00-00 Howard w-hair
1973-04-26 Howard - Dale's Birthday
1973-11-00 Howard D- no hair piece
1976-12-26 Howard D and Sue Daigneault
1936-00-00 Eugene - Howard
1942-00-00 Margaret-Howard
1942-03-18 HDM EnlistedSM
1942-11-00 Margaret-Howard Mason
1954-08-00 Howard Dewitt Mason Ft-Lauderdale Beach
1956-10-00 Howard-Bill - Lauderdale Manors-sm
1966-08-00 Margaret - Margaret-Lowe - Howard
1967-11-00 Dale Watkinson-Rita-Howard D
1967-12-00 Howard's HuntingHouse
1971-00-00 Howard
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Home Video from 1958-59