SFToday 9

PBS Producer Allan Mason was the senior producer for Emmy Award-winning South Florida Today. The show aired on WXEL a PBS affiliate in Boynton Beach, Florida. When the new 1080p television format was introduced all of the SFT archives were destroyed. Allan Mason saved a few of the shows and presents them now on this site, the official South Florida Today website. They may be old stories, but still hold their production value. Enjoy. NOTE: Some of the stories were copied from a raw feed, and graphics were not added. In order to keep the continuity we added BNN Reports graphics to keep the information correct.

This program aired on PBS Networks around the United States and Canada. Sponsored by Save-A-Pet, Gertrude Maxwell and the Schumacher Tree of Life Foundation, written by Allan Mason and Albert Cacace. NOTE: The proceeding is a trailer, not the full version. For the Full one hour Version CLICK HERE

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