South Florida Today

South Florida Today

Welcome to the Official Site of WXEL’s longest running, Emmy Award-Winning local public affairs show, South Florida Today. When this PBS affiliate was sold in late 2000, most of the 4×3 video tape product was replaced by digital video. All South Florida episodes were sent to the dumpster making way for new digital format.

The show’s Sr. Producer kept a few shows and stories for his personal archive, and are here for your entertainment.  They may be old, but are still good stories.  NOTE: Video’s with BNN graphics were copied without graphics. In order to properly title guests and experts we added lower-third graphics.

Static Discharge

What does the sign say at the pump? Turn off the engine before fueling. Not anymore. Seems there’s something else they want us not to do… Static Discharge stickers, coming to a fuel pump near you.

Thomas Jefferson Live

He was our third President, a Senator, a statesman, a writer and an inventor. He also wrote the constitution because Quincy Adams said Thomas was ten times better with the quill, than he.

Jeopardy Kid

This home schooled hero had all of the right answers. He hails from Boynton Beach, and kept the secret about the final placement, even during the interview. Good job pal.

Boca Raton Cover Girl

This was the most difficult assignment ever. Interviewing beautiful women is so politically incorrect. Yeah man! If you are offended by this, you’re watching the wrong channel.

I Want My Mummy

South Florida Science Museum is a cool place to visit, even today their displays relate to children very well. Want to have a great time with the kids? Check out the museum and the Palm Beach Zoo, located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Living on Jupiter Island

Since this video was produced Chief Mike Loffredo has passed. We wish his family well, and want to say Mike’s interview was so easy because of his personality and professional style. Thanks Mike. RIP.

Cancer Kids at Moroso Speedway

SFT covered this event for the kids and racers at Moroso Motor Spots Park. It was more than Trick or Treat, it was a heart warming experience. Take a look.

Driving While Stuipd

Nothing boring happens on New Year’s Eve?

The Pass

Can’t remember who showed this to me in 1959, but when I did this for a friend he suggested it should be recorded for future generations… So. Just a side note: Bo Diddley actually passed two weeks after this production was finished.

Mummmmmm… Doughnuts!

Nothing tastes better than a hot one, right out of the oven. We covered the grand opening of West Palm Beach’s first Krispy Kreme doughnut factory.