Backbeats 1964

1965 Lee Norman - Paul St Pieere
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 11
1965 Paul at Palmetto Bandstand
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 21
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 19
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 18
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 17
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 15
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 14
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 09
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 06
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 05
1965 Alan at Diplomat Hotel
1965 Palmetto Bandstand 07
1965 ohio trip December 02
1965 ohio trip December 01
1965 Lee- Larry - Alan - Paul at Palmetto Bandstand
1965 Larry at Palmetto Bandstand 02
1965 Larry at Palmetto Bandstand 01
1965 Larry at Palmetto Bandstand - Paul sitting
1965 Larry at Palmetto Bandstand - Paul in back
1965 Larry - Lynne Waldie - Paul at Palmetto Bandstand
1965 Larry - Lee at Palmetto Bandstand
1965 Larry - Carol Derinzo - Palmetto Bandstand
1965 BackBeats -Alan -Paul -Larry -Lee
1965 BackBeats - Alan - Lee - Howard Shaw - Paul - Larry
1965 Alan at Palmetto Bandstand
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DECEMBER 7, 2021

It is with a heavy heart we report the passing of Lee Vernon Norman 1940-2021

He was the lead guitar player in the Backbeats, a Christian, a husband, a father, a brother and a life-long friend. Lee… Have you got a quarter? (the cost of a soft drink in 1965)

BACKBEATS Paul St. Pieere 1947-2015 | Larry Davis 1947-2017 | Lee Norman 1940-2021
KRYPT KICKERS Jimmy Smith 1948-1996 | Tim Yaquinto 1949-2019


The Krypt Kickers 1966

From Left to Right: Allan Mason – Drummer | George Christensen – Keyboard | Jimmy Smith – Lead Guitar | Bob Orsell – Bass | Tim Yaquinto – Rhythm Guitar. Thanks to Lead Guitar player, Jimmy Smith for spending an insane amount of hours in the editing studio. This audio was recorded using a 2 track 1/4″ reel to reel tape player.

No EQ or effects, two microphones placed in the rear of the room, facing the stage. It’s rough to hear, that’s why it’s better to listen.

Farewell my friend.

It was the last REACH Radio Show, and we had lost our friend, pal and bass player of more than 50 years. Host, Allan Mason decided to leave the show with a farewell tribute to his friend. Both Paul and Larry have passed, 2015 and 2017 respectively.

Backbeats 1963.

From front to back: Allan Mason – Drummer | Larry Davis – Rhythm Guitar | Lee Norman – Lead Guitar | Bob Orsell – Bass Guitar. This audio was recorded in Lee’s music store during a practice session in 1982. 



BackBeatsLee NormanLead Guitar -Vocal1940-20211962-1970
BackBeatsLarry DavisRhythm Guitar - Vocal1947-20171962-1970
BackBeatsBob OrsellBass Guitar - Vocal1946-1962-1964
BackBeatsPaul St. Pierre Bass Player - Vocal1947-20151964-1970
BackBeatsAllan MasonDrummer - Vocal1947-1963-1966
Krypt KickersJimmy SmithLead Guitar - Vocal1950-19961964-1970
Krypt KickersTom YaquintoRhythm Guitar - Vocal1949-20191964-1970
Krypt KickersBob OrsellBass Guitar - Vocal1946-1964-1970
Krypt KickersGeorge ChristensenKeyboards - Vocal1947-1964-1970
Krypt KickersDave BonivtchDrummer1948-1965-1966
Krypt KickersAllan MasonDrummer - Vocal1947-1966-1970

Tim Yaquinto Production

Tim wanted to preserve this video from an old VHS tape. He was selling a lot of records and tapes back then. Tim left us in February of 2019.