Don Mattingly-Bobby Mason

Don Mattingly

It was spring training 1992 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when Host of Total Sports for Kids, 11 year old Bobby Mason encountered a unique experience with Yankee’s first baseman Don Mattingly.  After being interviewed by Channel 5, from New York, Bobby headed over to Don Mattingly for a couple of questions.

Mattingly was delighted with Bobby’s work, and stayed in touch throuought the years.

Ted Turner Interview

On a separate occasion Bobby interviews Ted Turner, owner of the Atlanta Braves, while Jane Fonda, and her son sat along aside. Bobby’s first question was, “How much did you pay for the Braves?” Ten million dollars, Turner answered without delay. They had a great time, but we think Turner must have been impressed with Mason’s canter as he told the young host, “Come to CNN when you get a little older”.

This photo was taken by an AI Photographer, and made the Sports page in many of Florida’s Sunday papers. 

Bobby continued his sports career, and went on to work in the Hooter’s Cup Late Model Series, USARA Late Model Sports Car division, IMCA Sprints and other FASCAR auto racing events.