We produce a syndicated radio show for an audience interested in legal news and law topics, interesting cases and their outcomes, some wacky industry news, Hammer the Scammer Alerts, and community headlines.

You or your representative appear in the first segment of the show as our Resident Legal Expert. You select the interview topic or point and we deliver your 4 to 5 minute message to your local community. This affiliation includes three sixty second personal injury commercials in each show, participation in our Risk Field Campaign, and your weekly telephone interview.

Bottom line… It’s your radio show, hosted and produced by our Limits Radio team of Award-Winning professionals.

Our Medical Limits show discusses the benefits of natural healing with Medical Experts in the fields of nutrition and natural medicine.

We are currently producing the LIMITS Series… LEGAL Limits; MEDICAL Limits; and OUTER Limits a musical show.

Join our network of legal and medical experts by contacting us at: amason@PBSproducer.com or 561-715-7173